Farice’ policy is based on the Company’s vision and is intended to help it fulfil its role and to create a broad consensus
with society and the environment.

We want to build a clear image related to professionalism and trust. We attach great importance to social responsibility.

Farice strives to be a modern and progressive company that explores different solutions with an open mind and with
the overall interests of society as a guiding principle.

The construction and installation of subsea fibre cables has a variety of effects, beyond the obvious advantages of
providing a lifeline to the community, transferring data between to people and businesses.

Farice extends equal opportunity and fair treatment to all of its employees and specifically prohibits discrimination on
the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, marital or family status, national origin, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation,
or any other characteristic protected by law. Farice is committed to providing a culture that values diversity and
teamwork with a conscious desire to achieve understanding, respect, inclusion, and continuous learning. We expect
that all employees treat one another with respect and dignity.

We extend these same principles to the relationships throughout our supply chain with our suppliers and customers.

We require Farice and suppliers to provide clean and safe working environments and conditions for employees, forbid
child labour at the facilities of our suppliers, and require that employees receive all benefits mandated by applicable

Regardless of location, Farice prohibits personnel or supplier associates from engaging in activities that do not maintain
individual dignity and respect, even if permissible under applicable law. Our core values show commitment to being
good global citizens and acting in a socially responsible manner in the communities where we live and work.

Health and safety & the work environment

We have a zero-injury approach and the key objective is to ensure that all our staff and those affiliated with our projects
remain safe.

Increased safety awareness has been firmly established with our employees and we are continually making progress.

We focus on health, personal and operational safety and show concern for people and the society we live in. We create
a positive, accident-free workplace where everyone feels welcome and are committed to preventing accidents, deaths
and illness. We are individually responsible for our own safety and understand the safety, health and workplace risks
that accompany our activities. We use known methods to identify, assess and control risk, and if the work is not safe,
we find a safe way.

Environment and climate issues

The discussion on environmental issues and corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly prominent and
affecting all businesses and societies. Farice’s core business is to provide international data connectivity between
countries, Farice role is thus in essence to provide carbon neutral of personal interaction.

Farice’ objectives on climate issues and waste

Farice wishes to contribute to minimising any human impact on its environment by setting climate goals and following
up these goals with targeted action.

Farice policy is to use environmentally friendly solutions for its operations when feasible. Farice minimises its impact on
the environment with targeted environmental management.

The environmental impact of operations is monitored and action is taken, if necessary. Farice is committed to supporting
society with regard to environmental matters.

First step is to measure Farice carbon footprint as is and then put in motion a strategy to reduce the footprint.

Farice is committed to conducting its business in accordance with our core values and the highest standards of ethics
and integrity.

Compliance with Laws
Farice complies, both in letter and spirit, with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in conducting its business.

Social Responsibility
Farice has committed to follow the United Nations Global Compact initiative for social responsibility with regard to
human rights, labour practices, environmental concerns and anti-corruption.

Farice does not tolerate bribery, corruption or facilitation payments in any form. In doing business around the world,
regardless of whether interacting with a government or private sector customer, neither Farice, nor any person
associated Farice, shall directly or indirectly offer, pay, promise, or authorize any bribe, kickback, illicit payment or
benefit of any kind in order to obtain an improper advantage or retain business.

Gifts and Hospitality
All gifts and hospitality must be reasonable and appropriate and given for legitimate business purposes. Cash (or cash
equivalents) may never be given or accepted. Interactions with customers and suppliers must also meet industry codes
adopted by Farice.

Conflict of Interest
Employees and directors must always act in the best interest of Farice and avoid any business, activity or other situation
that constitutes an actual or potential conflict of interest. Employees and directors must not use their position with
Farice for private gain or to obtain benefits for themselves or others.

Fair Dealing and Antitrust
Farice conducts its business fairly and does not take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment,
misrepresentation or any other unfair dealing practice. Farice complies with antitrust laws and does not take actions
that have improper anti-competitive effects.

Confidentiality and Data Privacy
Farice protects confidential information and only uses such information when appropriate for its business.

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