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Farice offers city to city services from two main sites in Reykjavik Iceland as well as one data center at the Keflavik Airport to Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen. In addition to this Farice can offer connectivity to Faroe Islands and some major Northern European cities.

The services offered can be Leased Lines (Circuits), Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Services or Global IP Transit services. Further information under the SERVICES section

The network has a capacity of up to 132 Tb/s of traffic on the IRIS route, 40 Tb/s of traffic on the DANICE route and 10Tb/s on the FARICE-1 route. The submarine cables have newer had a circuit fault in their operating lifetim and the network service to and from Iceland over the two diverse paths has had 100% availability over the operating lifetime. You can trust Farice for your data transfer.

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The energy in Iceland comes from 100% renewable sources with no CO2 emission. The energy supply is stable, secure and at very competitive prices. This makes Iceland unique.

More information about Iceland as a Data Center location can be found here at Invest in Iceland.

The main power companies are Landsvirkjun, HS Orka and ON Power . The national power grid is run by the company Landsnet.

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