Connecting Iceland to the world

High capacity network for demanding customers

Farice ehf runs at state of the art network built for the demands of the carriers and international data center customers, content providers, cloud service providers to name a few. Using the latest developments in coherent optical technology Farice can ensure that the network is at the cutting edge. There is no foreseeable shortage of bandwidth in and out of Iceland for the next decade.

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The Network for future needs 

Network Partners

Operation with partnerships

The Farice network is operated in partnership with the following network operators:

The technical operation of the network is done in partnership with MILA whereas BT Wholesale, Vodafone carrier services and TDC NET (Tele Danmark) provide the necessery backhauls in Europe. Farice also has partnership with other network operators such as LUMEN, COLT, EU NETWORKS and GTT which provide dark fibers and connectivity.
Farice runs a 24/7/365 NOC (Network Operating Centre) which monitors the network and notifies the customer of planned maintenance and service affecting events.

Network Security

Designed for reliability

The Farice network is designed with security in mind. Terrestrial routes in Iceland, UK and mainland Europe do have diverse paths for those customers seeking the highest uptime.  Protection on the terrestrial part is an optional service for our customers.

Reliable submarine part

During the operation (2004-2021) of the Farice Network there has never been a submarine cable fault. By this we mean that there has never been a fault in the system under sea level. This is an accumulated experience of 17 years for the FARICE-1 cable and 12 years for the DANICE or a total of 29 submarine cable years which is quite impressive. We believe this is not a coincidence since we work closely with the main cable threat factors which are the fisheries, for the cable route selection and the operation as well. The cables have a protection zone of 1 km in the Icelandic zone and are monitored close to land. We cannot promise a trouble free submarine cable part forever but let the historical facts speak for themselves.

Network Maps

All existing cables connecting Iceland (2021)

A network map of all submarine cables incl. Greenland Connect


The network with few main POPs including proposed IRIS cable (2022)

Logical network diagram incl. distances

Farice offers city to city services from two main sites in Reykjavik Iceland and Verne Data Center Keflavik Airport to Amsterdam, London, Torshavn and Copenhagen.

Alternative network maps

The FARICE NETWORK including Scandinavia

The picture above shows the Farice network with main delivery POPs in Europe and US as well as showing Greenland Connect and the propose IRIS cable (2022)

Network Facts


The Farice network is built with modern technology for the long future need. There is enough capacity in the network for an unforeseen time for the demands of international data center customers and service providers. In 2021 Farice is servicing more than 1,5 Tb/s of traffic between Iceland and Europe which is distributed to the FARICE-1 and DANICE submarine cables. A new terminal equipment introduced (2012) coherent 100G wavelength and flex grid technology which brings the total upgrade capacity (2015 stand) of FARICE-1 to 11 Terabits/s and DANICE will have the potential of carrying 34,4 Terabits/s. This is equivalent to 3.400 10G Wavelengths which is enormous capacity. Farice can also in co-operation with Tele Greenland offer high capacity transatlantic services between Scandinavia or Germany to US (Boston) or Canada (Halifax, Montreal, NY 60 Hudson).

Submarine cables commercial
fiber pairs Original design capacity [Gb/s] Max upgrade capacity (2021) [Gb/s]
FARICE-1 2004 2 720 10.000 (10 Terabits/s)
DANICE 2009 4 5120 36.400 (36,4 Terabits/s)

Latency and Distance Table

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