Farice Point of Presense (POP) set up in Akureyri

In early 2024, Farice is poised to introduce Akureyri as a new point of presence (POP) for its services in Iceland. Farice currently operates three submarine cables—FARICE-1, DANICE, and ÍRIS—providing vital digital connections between Iceland and Europe. Presently, Farice’s clientele accesses its network through POPs in Reykjavík and Reykjanes, routing internet traffic via the company’s submarine cables to Europe.

The establishment of a POP in Akureyri will enable Farice’ customers connecting in Akureyri and routing their international internet traffic directly on FARICE-1 and DANICE cables bypassing Reykjavík and Reykjanes. This expansion of connection options for customers not only fortifies Farice’s network resilience against unforeseen disruptions but also enhances Iceland’s telecommunications security.

The selection of Akureyri as a strategic location for a new service delivery point has been under consideration by Farice for some time. The area’s geographical separation from Farice’s existing delivery points, coupled with the potential for direct connections to Farice’s submarine cables, makes it an appealing choice. Additionally, the development of digital infrastructure in Akureyri, marked by the inauguration of a new data center and the bolstering of the nationwide data transfer system for electronic communications companies, paves the way for the successful deployment of Farice’s services in Akureyri.

More information is provided by:

Þorvarður Sveinsson, managing director of Farice, on tel. 585 9700 or via the email address [email protected]